DONATE We’ve accepted the challenge, will you join us? The Charles Schwab Challenge Grant is an opportunity for you to help our chapter expand our programs and our impact in Midland through a match of funds. For every gift received, it will be doubled as a part of this grant. “Charles Schwab’s commitment to First Tee in Texas will have a significant impact on our chapters and their ability to reach young people for years to come,” said First Tee President Greg McLaughlin. “This support will allow us to expand our reach and impact, engaging young people in programs that will yield tangible academic and social benefits. We are incredibly grateful for the support.” “I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I were not introduced to this program that has given me so much. My character has been impacted in a way that I feel more confident and comfortable when I am in any situation.” - First Tee alumnus Alexandra Batista. President George W. Bush, First Tee’s Honorary Chairman, Shares the Impact of Your Donation and the Charles Schwab Challenge Grant:

The impact that these funds will have within our community will be tremendous. Through our already successful model of removing all barriers of accessibility to our programs, we can reach more youth within the community, reach them where they are, and have a greater impact on their lives. The skills people learn when they are young can have incredibly powerful long-term consequences and benefits. That’s why First Tee West Texas is dedicated to shaping the lives of all young people to enable them to fulfill their potential and enrich our communities. You can help us build on our success and increase our community impact in one of these ways.
  1. If you aren’t a regular donor, donate to First Tee West Texas before the end of the year. Any dollar amount helps us towards our goal.
  2. If you are a regular donor, consider increasing your annual donation or make an additional donation today.
  3. Donate annually. Consider a three-year commitment, beginning now, that can be paid out once a year or even multiple times throughout the year.


Find out more about the Charles Schwab Challenge Grant, our programs, or other ways you can get involved by contacting our Executive Director, by clicking here Bill Kirby or directly at [email protected]. DONATE